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British Columbia Lottery Corp. Online Casino, PlayNow, Crashes in Hours of Launch

18 July 2010 by Devon Chappell

There is no questioning just how much Canadians love to gamble online. And not that they are any different from the rest of us, it’s simply that Canadians now have a government regulated internet betting site to wager real money with. The first ever North American, government regulated online casino – – was recently launched by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

However, just as quickly as it was launched, the site was shut down. No, it wasn’t taken out by Canadian authorities or by hackers even. ¬†Within hours of going live, the PlayNow online casino shut down due to an overload of traffic.

In other words, the website was swamped with visitors within hours of launching on the Web, and consequently crashed. Making a quick decision to shut the site down completely, the BC Lottery Corporation immediately began adding more data servers and strengthening the infrastructure of the website. To this hour, work is still being done to ready the site for a re-launch. A far cry from the flashy bonus offers and animated casino games, all that remains now on the PlayNow homepage is a message stating that PlayNow is currently unavailable.

Quick to criticize the decision to allow an online casino to be launched under the control of the BC Lottery, the anti-gambling camp used the news of the website overload to back their claims that with legalized internet betting too many Canadians will gamble at online casinos, become addicted and usher a domino effect of negative consequences.

Truth be told, the exact number of hits incurred by has not been revealed, which basically means that other factors could have been in play besides an overload of traffic. It isn’t clear just how many of the site visitors were actually participating in online gambling activities or were simply giving the website a look-over for possibly giving it a go at a later time.

Well, that “later time” could be any second or any day, depending on how quick the backend tech guys get the website revamped. No word has been given by the BC Lottery Corporation just yet. However, all you Canadian gamblers can rest assured that PlayNow will be going online again. If your government didn’t know just how badly you needed and/or wanted a “home” online casino, they certainly do now.


2 Responses to “British Columbia Lottery Corp. Online Casino, PlayNow, Crashes in Hours of Launch”

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  2. Carol J. says:

    In their glee to get more money by more games they completely shut down their dedicated little bingo players ability to play. As is well known a lot of whom are elderly and housebound, however, you’re still able to walk into a merchant and buy your tickets, pretty evident where the importance is placed.