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Binion’s Casino to Shut Down Historic Downtown Las Vegas Hotel

4 December 2009 by Devon Chappell

Binions Casion Las Vegas

I’ve personally never stayed at the Binion’s casino resort in downtown Las Vegas – and you know what? I never will. And not that I wouldn’t, it’s just that Binion’s is scheduled to close its doors in less than ten days beginning December 14, 2009. Yep, the casino’s current owner’s, Harrah’s, has said that in order to keep the Binion’s Casino in operation (which we all know is the best part), the hotel has to go. And along with it, many of the employees who will not be able to be transferred to another of Harrah’s many properties.

So, besides the apparent fact that Harrah’s is feeling the squeeze of these economic times (we all know Vegas as a whole is feeling it….well, except when Tiger Woods comes in town…ouch!), apparently, Binion’s is a Las Vegas icon. Okay, maybe I should feel a little stupid not knowing that. However, I have a feeling there are some folks out there who, like me, have heard of Binion’s, yet did not realize the illustrious history of this place.

So….here’s a little history I dug up:

Binion’s got its first break, so to speak, when the property it currently sits on (located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, covering a full block on Freemont Street) was purchased by Texan tycoon and casino gambler, Benny Binion. A “true innovator” in the casino gambling business, Binion first introduced the Horseshoe Club, which consequently became the first true “gambling saloon” in Las Vegas, and caught buzz with high rollers looking for some great gambling action. Building upon this success, Binion bought the neighboring Boulder Club, and this was soon followed by the Mint Hotel, which essentially doubled the size of the property.

Oh, and here’s some history you and I should definitely know about. Did you know the World Series of Poker got started at Binion’s. Yes indeed – although it was an intimate poker game of Benny and ten of his friends, the high stakes poker that followed naturally evolved into one of the largest poker tournaments in the world.

So, next time you are in Las Vegas, give Binion’s a shout out. Well, the casino that is. No details have been announced about what will come of the hotel building itself, although it could likely sit dormant if and when an economic rebound in Las Vegas occurs. However (I repeat) if and when that does occur, it will likely be many years off. The good news is that as Benny Binion himself always said, you can still get “Good Food. Good Whiskey. Good Gamble” at Binion’s Casino in downtown Las Vegas.

2 Responses to “Binion’s Casino to Shut Down Historic Downtown Las Vegas Hotel”

  1. Paris says:

    Although we visited Vegas for a week last July, I had already booked a return trip before we left. MGM made me an offer I couldnā€˜t refuse: a $59 rate which included three free buffets a day.

  2. goingblonde says:

    Sorry, but he last statement is no longer totally true.

    you may get good whiskey i odnt know.
    dont drink it.

    but no more good food as they also cloased the lendendary coffee shop-boo!

    the service is losuy now- was there 2 hours before a cocktail waitress came for drink order and then she had a bad attitude.

    i saw her as well a another standing at the bar talking or flirting with the bartender-guess they pay them for staning..

    i really odnt see the place has anything going fo it other then the poker room where veryone wants to play just because they associate Binions with poker–even though no one name Binion has anything to do with the casino anymore the decline did start when the greedy sister becky fianlly got sole ownership =shows what greed will do -this place wil eventaully go down even more, poker room or not.

    it will soon be like the sad ols Lady Luck.