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Betting Systems: To Use or Not to Use

26 January 2011 by admin

This is what gets me about people and their gambling ideas and strategies, they seem to think that strategies and systems are the same thing. I know, not everyone thinks this way but far too many casino patrons choose to use a betting system and call it a strategy. Just because it deals with how you spend your money does not mean it is a strategy. If you want to call anything dealing with how you spend money a strategy, then my feeding my shoe addiction is a strategy.

The problem with betting systems is that they are not practical. They operate on the idea that players have an infinite amount of money at their disposal and that there is no such thing as a betting maximum on casino games. Here is what I mean:

Take for example the Martingale betting system; it is also known as a negative betting progression. Every time the player loses he or she doubles their wager in the next round. The double keeps happening, spiraling up and up in amount, until the player wins. Once the player wins he or she reduces their wager back to its original amount. This kind of betting system can be applied to just about any casino game out there—blackjack, poker, slots and more.

Now remember I said that betting systems are impractical on the grounds that they require an unlimited amount of money for a bankroll and that they have no regard for table maximums. We are going to say that Joe Bob is playing blackjack and has begun by wagering $20. Now we are going to follow Joe Bob’s wagering for a few rounds:

Round 1: $20
Round 2: $40
Round 3: $80
Round 4: $160
Round 5: $320
Round 6: $640

And right there is where Joe Bob crossed the line. Unless he is playing in a high stakes game, most blackjack tables—both online blackjack and casino blackjack—have a table limit of $500. But as you can see Joe Bob was supposed to wager $640 after losing five rounds. He has yet won so he cannot return to his starting amount, but he cannot wager the $640.

Now you can see why betting systems are impractical. They can quickly take you above the table maximum and if it does you are not left with instructions on what to do. So. What you should do is to just not use a betting system. Stick with flat betting as it will provide with a more stable use of your bankroll. Besides in five rounds Joe Bob lost $620 in five rounds, and who wants to lose that much that quickly? No one, that is who.

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