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Baltimore Employees Caught Gambling at Work

30 March 2011 by admin

mdot_logoI love gambling. It’s a fun hobby that I take part in pretty often. You have to be responsible about it, though. That includes many things. It means you should budget your money wisely and not spend too much money when gambling. It means that you should only gamble at reputable casinos that you can trust. It also means you should only gamble at appropriate times, which means don’t stay up too late playing (you make worse decisions when deprived of sleep) and you should never gamble at work.

That last part should go without saying, but apparently it doesn’t. From time to time, you hear about people getting fired for gambling online at the office when they’re supposed to be working. The most recent example came from government employees in Baltimore, Maryland.

Baltimore’s inspector general had received tips about regular “payday parties” held at the office of the Maryland Department of Transportation. It seems that employees at the government office like to celebrate getting paid on Fridays by holding gambling parties, where they play dice games and drink champagne. That would be a bad thing to do on work property even if it wasn’t government property, but much worse when you consider that the parties were taking place during office hours.

That not only makes the employees look bad, but it also makes the government agency look bad in the eyes of the public – you know, those people who are paying the salaries of those employees. Anthony Guglielmi said that although he doesn’t consider gambling a “serious charge,” he takes this offense very seriously because “people trust city employees to work for them, especially when they’re being paid with taxpayer funds.” He called the payday parties a “violation of that trust.”

After undercover agents from the inspector general’s office confirmed the gambling and drinking on the job, they called in the city police. The Baltimore Police Department then came in and arrested 13 workers, charging them with misdemeanor gambling. One employee, Michael Flowers, allegedly pushed one of the investigators after police arrived on the scene. He is being charged with assault in addition to misdemeanor gambling. Authorities also seized approximately $6,300 in cash.

Shortly after the arrests, the Department of Transportation issued a statement that seems to indicate that all 13 employees will lose their jobs. The statement says that “any activity that undermines the integrity of the Department of Transportation will not be tolerated.”

There’s a moral to this story, and I really hope I don’t have to tell you what it is.

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