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Automated Blackjack Tables Made by Poker Specialist Bring to Mind Arcade Games

18 February 2011 by admin

In November of last year PokerTek announced that they would be expanding their automated table games. PokerTek is known as a poker specialist in the casino game industry, noted for their automated poker tables. Perhaps it is the struggling economy and the hit that the casino industry at large has taken, but they expanding their reach.

Mark Roberson, PokerTek’s CEO commented on the expansion: “A key element in our overall strategy is to expand PokerTek’s addressable market and opportunities for revenue growth by providing our customers a more complete electronic table game offering.” To sum that up, there is more money to be made in expanding their product line.

In the announcement, PokerTek explained that their diversification will come in the form of more automated table games which collectively will be called their ProCore. The first of the new automated table games is blackjack. PokerTek has dubbed their automatic blackjack table system Blackjack Pro.

BlackjackPro is a seven seat table with the basic rules of the game already programmed into the table’s computer. Casino operators will have the power to change some details of game play however, things such as the payout ratio and normal rule variations such as when a double down can happen and how many pair splits a player go do. In other words, casino operators can set up a BlackjackPro table to run as a variation.

But the feature of Blackjack Pro that just tickles me is its big screen. I have seen electronic blackjack tables before, and they have individual screens for each player. But BlackjackPro, it has one large screen so that everyone can see what everyone else is doing with their hands. In other words, as the young people say, everyone can ‘be all up in your business.’ Now, granted this is not too much different from a face up game of blackjack, but PokerTek’s purpose was not to offer an electronic version of a face up game. It was their hope to increase camaraderie between players at the table. Yes, in a player vs. the dealer casino game, they want to increase camaraderie. Blackjack is not poker. It is not nearly as social of a game.

So if there is one big screen, how to players play. They have a console of buttons they can push to make their plays. Think arcade machine—a big screen on which more than one person is playing the same game with each player has their own set of buttons to control their portion of play. So now we have a big arcade version of blackjack that players can gamble with. That is essentially how it functions.

And earlier this week the first of several BlackjackPro installations took place. PokerTek’s automated blackjack tables are now going live in casinos. And this is only the beginning. If you see an automatic blackjack table with a single big screen it is like to be a BlackjackPro table. Depending on the rule variations and payout that it is programmed with, perhaps you should give what I think of as arcade blackjack a shot.

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