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Australian Casino Partially Blames Poker as Cause for Serving Player 42 Beers

4 January 2011 by admin

The 2009 New Year did not start off well for the Star City Casino, located in Sydney, Australia. One of their patrons was served a staggering 42 beers over a seventeen hour period that began on New Year’s Eve and ended at 7 am on New Year’s Day. The matter of fines and who is responsible was finally decided.

The staff at the Star City was not aware of the poker player’s intoxication until they noticed that he was beginning to doze off at the poker table. At that point the casino manager had to assist the poker player to his feet, to gather his chips and to help the man to cash his chips in.

It is against Australian law for casinos to serve intoxicated casino patrons. And while Star City Casino was willing to admit that there was a break down between staff on the floor and their bar staff, they are also putting part of the blame on the game of poker. In a portion of document between the Star City Casino and Australia’s Casino Liquor and Gaming Control Authority, the Star City Casino says, “The nature of poker is that players tend to be…very controlled in their facial expressions and body movements. This level of control means that many of the visible signs that a person…is affected by alcohol may be minimized.”

And apparently Australia’s Casino Liquor and Gaming Control Activity bought it. Originally the Star City Casino was to be fined $10,000; now that amount has been reduced considering that the guy was playing poker and that the Star City Casino has a stellar record when it comes to cutting off patrons who have had their fill of alcohol. But the waitress who served him was fired and two other casino employees are also in trouble with the casino’s management.

To a certain extent I can understand that poker players will have extreme control over their facial expressions and body language when at the poker table. I can see how perhaps a casino bar waiter might miss the little signals that a poker player could be heading into intoxicated waters. But what I do not understand is how a bar tab 42 beers long is missed—especially when ordered one beer at a time. I also do not understand how, if the same waiter is bringing the drinks, how a waiter could not pick up on the fact that he or she is making an awful lot of trips to the same guy.

Now I have been to Australia. They are some of the nicest people I have ever met. I would be more inclined to believe that an Australian waiter is just too nice to cut a poker player off than to believe that a poker player is so good as to keep fooling a waiter into believing they are not intoxicated forty some odd beers later. But to counter this is the clean history of the Star City who has never once served an intoxicated player, poker or otherwise. Australians are smart.

This seems to be more an occurrence of a lack of communication over an extended period of time—we are talking about seventeen hours after all—than anything else. And I think the Star City Casino should own up to that rather than trying to foist some of the blame off on to the nature of poker. By saying that part of the blame should be put on the nature of poker, Star City is saying that an intoxicated guy has some serious poker skills in that he has so much facial and body control that he can fool a waitress forty some odd drinks later and still have chips to turn in when he finally is cut off. Personally, I would rather say it was an accident than say that a drunk guy can fool my staff.

2 Responses to “Australian Casino Partially Blames Poker as Cause for Serving Player 42 Beers”

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  2. jennifer says:

    This is sad and hysterical all at the same time!

    I have also been to Australia, and you are correct, they are extremely nice people. AND they can knock’em back with the best of ’em. Obviously, this guy was a champ, LOL, since he hadn’t gotten rowdy and passed out loooong before the 42nd beer.