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Anyone Want to Take in a Displaced Washington Online Poker Pro?

19 November 2010 by admin

Recently the State Senate in Washington upheld a law that bans online gambling in their state. I suppose State Senators feel that they are acting in the best interest of its residents—you know, saving them from the evils of the online gambling siren. But it now has many professional online poker players looking for new homes outside of Washington.

But what some of these Washington State Senators do not seem to understand is that, with a poor economy, people have had to turn to other ways to make a living and to feed their families. And pay their taxes—cannot forget that one. We must keep on paying the lawmakers. Despite the when they choose to uphold laws that hurt citizens over all.

As a result of the Washington State Senate choosing to uphold their own anti-online gambling law, online poker sites are pulling out of Washington. PokerStars was the first to go, shortly followed by Full Tilt Poker. It is their way of making sure that they do not come under fire from the State of Washington.

But for those who have turned to online gambling as professional poker players to have an income, the upholding of this law is proving to be about more than being saved from themselves. Gaming Analyst Brad Dawkins said, “Most lawmakers in the U.S. do not understand that millions of Americans have turned to the occupation of playing professional poker after the economic recession. This ruling by the Washington Supreme Court has put hundreds of people back into the unemployment lines, and more will soon follow as online poker sites continue to block players in Washington.”

So all Washington Senators have accomplished is to put more people back into unemployment, thus raising the state’s unemployment rate and causing more people to seek state and government aid. Those that can move out of state are doing so in order to generate their income; Washington is losing residents, and with losing residents means less people to pay state taxes. So we have higher unemployment, less in taxes which could mean increased taxes in the future for those still in the state, but Washington residents will have been saved from themselves.

One such professional online poker player said, “I can’t live in and support a state that does not allow me to make money working a job to feed my family. I feel like I’ve been laid off by the government.”

Unfortunately the State Senators do not seem to see anything wrong with their decision. State Senator Margarita Prentice, in response to being asked about Washington residents losing their income as a result of the online gambling ban, told’s Gary Wise, “…Let them go pump gas.”

One, apparently barring people from making a living online is better for them than being unemployed because, two, there are only so many gas pumps in Washington, and I doubt there are enough to go around and that means the unemployment lines.

Naturally Barney Frank, the lawmaker champion of online poker and online gambling regulation had a response to Senator Prentice’s comment: “Wow. The intolerance of that is just appalling, but that is the attitude that goes with the sense that you have the right to dictate other people’s lives to them.”

I wish Washington residents all the luck if they are in the process of making themselves residents of other states. I know it is across the country but New Jersey looks to be well on its way to being the first state in the country to legalize online gambling in their state—they do not have anything against online poker it seems.

3 Responses to “Anyone Want to Take in a Displaced Washington Online Poker Pro?”

  1. Two More Online Gambling Sites Leaving Washington Market | Online Casino Suite Blog says:

    […] other states say that it is illegal, incorrectly pointing to the Wire Act or some other law. Some professional poker players in Washington have reported that the law has basically made them unemployed. If they want to […]

  2. jenn callinto says:

    The State Senate of Washington should at least realize what online gambling does for their people – aside from giving an ultimate gaming experience. Say NO to this bill!

  3. James says:

    Maybe they should move to New Jersey. Not only might they pass online gambling legislation soon, but because it’s illegal to pump your own gas there, there are lots of jobs for gas station attendants.