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Alabama Governor Ends Gambling Task Force

18 January 2011 by admin

robert-bentley-96a88d2655d73b85_largeNew governor Robert Bentley hasn’t been on the job for long, but gamblers in the state of Alabama are already seeing him in a more favorable light than his predecessor. In one of his first acts as governor, Bentley signed an executive order abolishing former governor Bob Riley’s Task Force on Illegal Gambling.

Two years ago, Riley started the task force to crack down on the rise of electronic bingo casinos in the state. The task force raided businesses, shut them down and brought the proprietors to court. Though what they were doing was against the law, many people in the state saw the creation of the task force as a way of demonizing gambling and as having the wrong priorities.

Having a drug-trafficking task force conduct raids most people will go along with. Black market weapons dealing? Sure, most people will say, get them off the street. Small bingo halls where people go in and play a game for a few hours? Legal or illegal, most Alabama residents couldn’t see the harm. Even if harmful, the game couldn’t certainly be awful enough to warrant its own task force, could it?

Governor Riley thought it was. Governor Bentley disagrees. To be clear, Bentley is not in favor of looking the other way and allowing illegal activity to take place. In fact, he specifically said that dismantling the task force shouldn’t be a sign for the closed-down bingo halls to reopen. Instead, he said that the task force is unnecessary. “We do not need the present task force,” he said.

Any gambling cases have now been assigned to the new state Attorney General, Luther Strange. While he does not want a focus on gambling, Bentley did say that he expects Strange to “enforce the law.” There is a push to pass an amendment to Alabama’s gambling laws that would allow the electronic bingo machines. If legislation passes, Bentley would not stand in its way. He said that if the amendment “allows them to operate, they can operate.”

Like Riley, Governor Bentley is a Republican, but his early actions seem to show that unlike Riley, he does not have strong anti-gambling views. As long as the bingo games are illegal, which is beyond the governor’s control, he expects the law to be enforced, but he doesn’t want a special emphasis placed on enforcing that particular law. That is why he disbanded the task force.

Bentley, a fiscal conservative, said that job creation is the top priority of the state. The other executive order Governor Bentley signed this morning requires all state agencies to report ways to create more jobs in the private sector. I wonder if any of those agencies will suggest “legalize electronic bingo.”

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