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Absolute Poker is Breaking the Rules

19 May 2011 by admin

As I am sure you and every other air breathing online gambling enthusiast has heard, Absolute Poker was one of the three main sites that were seized last month in the Black Friday occurrence. The other two sites that were seized did exactly as the Department of Justice told them to do—they agreed to leave the United States market so that they could temporarily open their sites back up in order for US players to retrieve their money; both sites also agreed to no longer accepting US players.

Absolute Poker however has been a right fire starter about the whole thing. There was some legal debate on whether or not they would comply. Antigua was threatening to go to the World Trade Organization to say that the US was violating international trade laws. It was a blast.

Finally Absolute Poker agreed to the terms set down by the Department of Justice. This was only a few days ago that they finally rolled over and agreed. The Department of Justice crowed their victory in a statement dated May 5th saying, “Absolute Poker agrees that for the duration of the agreement, it will not allow for, facilitate or provide the ability for players located in the United States to engage in playing poker for ‘real money’ or any other thing of value.” Once US players had their funds back, Absolute poker was supposed to shut down their operations in the US.

However it seems that they have not kept to their word and are not leaving the US market. A poker tracking site made the discovery that players with US locals were still playing online poker for real money; the cities noted were Chicago, Cincinnati and Colorado Springs.

According to the agreement between the Department of Justice and Absolute Poker, should Absolute violate their agreement they only have ten days to cease those operations and pull out of the US market. So the clock is ticking.

Also of note though is the word going around that Blanca Games is thinking of pulling its operations out of the US market for unspecified reasons. Personally, I think it is because the Conservatives are making it too damn hard for anyone to operate in the US. It is like having mosquitoes constantly buzzing around. The reason that Blanca Games matters is because they own the Cereus Network, and Cereus owns Absolute. This may be a case of Absolute pulling in all that it can before the inevitable pulling out on Blanca’s part. But on the other hand, way to stick it to the Conservatives, Absolute!

One Response to “Absolute Poker is Breaking the Rules”

  1. James says:

    Good article. I agree with almost everything, but why do you think there are conservatives in the Justice Department?