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A Funny Coincidence About Recent Gambling Sites Seizure

24 May 2011 by admin

I was doing some more thinking and reading about the seizure of those ten online gambling portals from this morning. While doing so I noticed something rather funny about the indictment: it was dated April 26th. Why is that a big deal? Well, let’s go back and review a point from the first seizure, Black Friday.

Poker Stars, Full Tilt and Absolute Poker were all seizes on April 15th. But that indictment was dated March 10th. The Black Friday indictment came shortly after the passing of the Washington DC bill for intrastate online poker in their district. Coincidence much? I think so. It is like this was the Conservatives decided that they had the legal—or pseudo legal depending on your opinion—grounds to move forward of March 10th. Instead of moving forward on March 10th, it is like the Department of Justice held onto their indictment to see what would happen in the US in regards to bills for online gambling regulation. DC moved forward and declared that their bill had legally passed, and shortly afterwards the indictment was brought forward and the three online poker sites seized.

Now fast forward to yesterday’s seizure. The date was May 24th. The indictment for these sites was dated April 26th, almost a month before the seizure happened. So let’s turn our eyes out into the US and look at what was happening in regards to online gambling regulation. What do we see? We see Nevada passed their bill to create an infrastructure for online poker. Granted, Nevada has clearly stated that they are merely going to create the infrastructure but not put it into use until the federal government moves forward with legalizing online gambling in the country.

But still that bill being passed must have been enough to gall the DoJ into taking action against more online gambling sites, this time through the District of Maryland US Attorney’s Office. It has to make a niggling thought in your mind—is the DoJ using money laundering as a means of taking out US serving online gambling portals as a means of trying to scare people away from the issue? If so I think they should remember that their Black Friday seizure only brought online gambling into the lime light with the effect of making Americans upset with the idea that the government was trying to tell them how to spend their money.

One Response to “A Funny Coincidence About Recent Gambling Sites Seizure”

  1. James says:

    Very interesting coincidence. You make some good points here. But why do you think there are conservatives in the DOJ?