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Online Dispute Resolution and Mediation for Online Casino Players

7 December 2009 by Devon Chappell

Independent Betting Adjudication Service

As a player, the following is something you need to know about. On the other hand, it is also something you will hopefully never have to use. But if you must, the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) is a Godsend for players needing an accredited third party to “work things out” with online casino operators, so to speak.

IBAS is an impartial adjudicator whose sole purpose is to help resolve disputes between gambling operators and players. Consisting of a panel of betting experts, IBAS will intervene to provide non-legal binding dispute resolution services between a registered IBAS operator (mostly UK company’s) and a player who has already gone through the internal dispute procedure with said operator, and a deadlock still exists. In other words, only after the player has tried to work things out with the operator, the software licensor, possibly even an affiliate relations manager, should IBAS be contacted.

For example, let’s say a player hits a rather large jackpot on an online slot machine for $10,000. The player then requests to make a withdrawal, but the casino says “no can do” for the player had still not met the wager requirement of a claimed welcome bonus. Furthermore, the player actually violated the terms and conditions of the bonus by placing three wagers on the Blackjack table, which is a restricted game under the bonus terms and conditions.

The player, being new, didn’t realize that placing wagers on certain games can actually disqualify them from receiving any winnings earned off of bonus money (By the way, this is a normal T&C on all bonuses….ALWAYS READ THE FULL CASINO BONUS TERMS AND CONDITIONS).However, considering that only three wagers were made, the casino is willing to work out a deal and award the player a Free $500 bonus instead of the jackpot. By way of the Bonus T&C’s, the casino is doing nothing illegal here. By law, they don’t have to do anything.
However, the player still thinks they should be entitled to more, which is up for debate – and hence we haveĀ  a dispute.

Depending on the which software platform the online casino uses, the player’s next course of action should be to contact the software provider – There is generally a contact form on the software provider’s website. If not, ask us here at Online Casino Suite or do some research on the forums. Now, if the software platform also rules there is nothing they can do to help the player, this is the time to contact IBAS, who although will refer to the Terms and Conditions of the casino for making a decision, could still help influence the operator to provide a better offer – perhaps $2,000 in free no-deposit bonus money instead of the original $500?

The online casino should know that customer service goes a long way. And especially if the player has a past track record of loyalty, it would be in their better interest to make a deal that the player is happy with. But then again, sometimes players push the envelope too far. The casino may stick to their guns if the player has been demanding or does not have a loyalty track record. Either way, this is why it’s better to use a third party arbitration service like IBAS.

Now, considering that there are many operators not registered with IBAS, there are other arbitration services. In fact, any properly regulated and licensed online casino is required to use at least one third party arbitration service. Again, this is generally through the software platform. For Real Time Gaming casinos it is the Central Disputes Center. For Vegas Technology Casinos, it is the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority. Top tier software platforms like Microgaming, Playtech and Cryptologic, may be contacted directly through complaint forms on their websites.

There also casino watchdogs out there, who will provide mediation service if certain conditions have already been met. Casino Meister’s “Pitch a Bitch” is a popular one. Here at Online Casino Suite, we will attempt moderating as well, especially if it is regarding an online casino listed and approved in our directory. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen often. But when it does – if the complaint is legitimate – we have some weight to help player’s out. We don’t brag often, but every now and then it feels good!

There is no denying that legitimate disputes sometimes arise between players and online casinos. Whether it’s a “malfunctioning” of the software, delayed payouts or promotion abuse, it’s a fact of life in the online gambling world – and in any world, for that matter – that misunderstandings, which generally often just boil down to miscommunication, indeed happens.

A chat operator may give out the wrong information, or a player may write an email with ALL CAPS and come across as rude – Basically, there’s a myriad of ways in which miscommunication can take place in the online world. Online casinos, however, should be held to an even higher degree of accountability and customer service standards, and any online casino that is not willing to try and work things out with players – aka, being guilty of negligent customer service – should be avoided.

In conclusion, if you happen to get into a dispute with an online casinos, don’t make the cardinal mistake of being too pushy and rude. If a resolution is not made to your liking, go through the proper dispute resolution services (which any properly regulated online casino is required to have, by the way), lastly seeking out the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS), as a last resort.

11 Responses to “Online Dispute Resolution and Mediation for Online Casino Players”

  1. DK says:

    Is is possible to start a class action lawsuit against thic casino? This same casino stole $8200 in winnings from my account. I have complete documentation and support with all emails and screenshots. I’ve posted my story on many internet websites and I’ll gladly do it here if it helps in any way.

    It seems this casino is one of the worst on the internet and nobody will touch them. Sure wish I did more research before depositing there.

    Any thoughts out there?

  2. joanneb says:

    HI Devon I just went back onto the main page and found out that you are the Editor In Chief. I’m sorry, I did not know that. I’m new at this. I wasted a whole year with a lawyer who in the end, WAS NOT able to help me. I am so glad I stumbled upon your site. I am hoping that in some way you will be able to help me. If you need any other information, I will give it to you. Please help Thanks, Joanneb

  3. joanneb says:

    Devon This is Joanne Bilicki again. Are you affiliated withthe On Line Casino Suite. Do you have an email address, and do you think you can help me? Please respond Joanne

  4. joanneb says:

    THANK YOU so much for looking into this matter regarding Gold VIP Club for me. I submitted the form to IBAS and they advised me that they cannot help me because the casino IS NOT registered. I don’t know where else to turn. If there is any way you can help me, I would forever be grateful. If there is any information you need, or any documentation, I have it all. PLEASE get back to me ASAP. I will be waiting for your response.

  5. joanneb says:

    IBAS I need help. I won $73,000 playing at Gold VIP Casino in the UK {British Virgin Islands. This occured lat Aug. 2009. They started paying me by wire transfer to my bank account $2000 approx. every 2 weeks. They paid me $8000. Then Dawn from accounting calls me and tells me there was a charge back on my account. I asked her what she meant. She told me that 2 deposits I made totaling $150 did not go through. She then tells me the deposits showed up as websupport and visona bill on my credit card. I then realized what she was talking about. Someone was using my credit cards and I disputed the charges. I then looked over my statements and I did no recognize websupport and visona bill as being Gold VIP Club so I also disputed those charges. I explained this to Dawn. She told me to call the credit card and fix it. I told her I would give her my debit card and she could take the money immediately. She said it wasn’t necessary, to just straighten it out with the credit card. I immediately called the credit card and told them that the 2 charges were valid and to make sue the casino was paid. They said they would take care of it immediately. I called Dawn back and told her it was taken care of and she said everything was OK. I asked her if I would have a problem because of this and she told me NO. Well a few days later I received my next $2000 wire transfer. I figured all was OK. Then 2 weeks later when it was time for my next wire transfer, I did not receive it. I went on the computer to check on it and I was shut out. It said to contact casino support. I did so and got Dawn on the phone and she tells me they decided to close out my accont and I would no longer be paid. I was very upset as I need the money desperately. I asked her what could I do. She said i had to speak to Phillip Mousset, who is in charge. He is very hard to get. She knew I was upset so about 2 hrs. later Phillip calls me. I explained to him how it was a mistake and how someone was charging on my card. I did not recognize the 2 charges as being that of Gold VIP casino. I explained to him that why would I dispute the charges after I just won $73,000. He said he would get back to me. Well I never heard from him again. First, he told me to send him all documentation showing him what happened. I did just that immediately. I also called my credit card company numerous times, and every person I spoke to advised me that the casino was paid. The $150 was NEVER retuned to me as a credit on my card. They were defintely paid. I emailed Phillip at and told him that they were paid. No chargebacks ever occued. How could you close me out. He never responded. I send him hundreds of emails daily. I even called and could not get past the people who answer the phones. No one could help me. I was devastated. The holidays were coming and I was counting on the money. I couldn’t believe this happened to me. By Jan. 2010 I retained a lawyer out of NY. Sheldon Roth Bell. He got all my information, and was supposed to help me. He told me it was going to be hard because they are over the UK and we are here. But he agreed to try. It took him until Aug. 2010 to finally send them a letter. He was able to get a contact address. They are called Ilforno Management, Ltd. , Nerine Chambers, P.O. Box 905, Road Town, Tortola, BVI. My lawyer wrote to them to persuade them to send the balance of $60,000 to his office by certified mail by Sept. 1st to avoid the expense of litigation, attorneys fees, punitive damages and potential criminal penalties. Also advised them of possibility of adverse publicity and engagement of fraudulent behavior as a rogue casino. The DID NOT respond. My attorney said there is nothing further that he could do, and advised me to get in touch with the district attorney who might be able to put pressure on them to pay. I tried this and was switched all over the place. Finally i was told I had to file a complaint with the FBI website. I did this about 2 weeks ago. No response as of yet. I have all documentation for this matter. I NEED HELP> Is there anything at all you can do to help me. Please advise ASAP My name is Joanne Bilicki. My email is My phone # is 201-456-8375. Please, if there is anything you can do to help me I would forever be grateful. Please get back to me ASAP

    • Devon says:

      I’m assuming you have already made a dispute claim with Real Time Gaming Software’s Central Disputes: If not, please do. Online Casino Suite is not IBAS, although it’s worth a shot to go through IBAS. The best we can do right now is to contact Gold VIP and and begin a discourse with them. They are not listed in our directory, but we will nonetheless look into it.

  6. Devon says:

    Eddie S. Why did you leave a link to CasinoTitan if you are against them? Are you promoting them with the “no press is bad press” concept?

  7. Eddie S says:

    I agree with nowhentofold. There are TWO supposedly NEW but I would bet my life they are just re-branded casinos that were BLACKLISTED, as are almost ALL RTG casinos are these days. I caution ALL unsuspecting players to Totally AVOID these two newly advertised casinos by Casinomeister, as he will endorse anyone who pays him. The fact is that these BRAND new casinos Casino Titan And LOCK Casino have NO licenses nor are legit in any shape form or fashion. SATY away from these two casinos at ALL COSTS!! That is if you want to hang onto your hard earned cash!

  8. nowhen2fold says:

    Yet another RTG Rip-Off fraudulant casino maybe NEW OR rebranded but with the same old tricks and EXTORTION attempts. Hey the On-line casino business is DEAD and RTG, especially, since they still accept US players, primarily so they can CHAET them and get away with you. Thus, I IMPLORE you curious players to STAY AWAY from ALL RTG sites and ANY on-line casinos NOWADAYS. there are enough landbased casinos scattered ALL across the US and that are totally regulated and have a REAL CCC in palce to protect BOTH the player and the casino.

  9. Jeffrey Heckman says:

    Dear, Debbie, I read your situation and question from Jan 24 AM. You made $10k great! The chances are that you can find the same machine in plenty of other places. I don’t see where one would have a problem finding other descent RTG casinos.(assuming you’re from US?) A lot of times their posted percentages are just cycles of luck…. The machines may be exactly the same yet have results different however. Luck of the Draw. There is enough intuition and procedure where you are just a professional player at what you do. What I’m saying is that I believe you could go anywhere and do the same things, one thing people won’t buy, yet I do is that one needs to be in the same mood and as comfortable as possible, as you can make it and you can repeat..
    I recommend that you get familiar with procedures and just make things the same as before. Take over that next casino! It’s yours if you can win like that. Keep that attitude I know you will do it again if you already haven’t.
    They don’t want one person to win because they have to pay you. They don’t really want to pay people unless it advertises. Remember mobsters used to run casinos, what is so different now? They’re not social workers, I’ll tell you that.
    Now I’ve tried to answer your question, maybe you can help me on my question? I have gone around playing NDF bonuses throughout the last week and found a few niches, and at the time I have a $42 and also a $90 matured amounts after sticky that would be mine if I could just get them out! Part of the situation is, I am unemployed right now, I make a few bucks online here and there, and like most people trying to make ends meet, taking fifty dollars from my checking and putting it into the hands of e-wallet and a casino seems out of question! If there’s anything that sounds like a scam that does, and if there’s someone who would be hurt by getting screwed that would be me. The point is all I want to do at the time is withdraw from those two places as quickly and express that I can find and go from there. They want me to withdraw $50 from my checking and deposit it into the casino to have an ewallet account!! It makes me feel like reaching through the bytes and electrons and doing the Homer/Bart strangle! E-style! What do I do? What can I do? How long does the money sit there? Until tax returns. Next Christmas. Also that is two casinos that I can’t really use right now that work for me. Please let me know what you think. I have an amount of respect for people that can figure things out about casinos as I have at least some experience. I want to know what you think Debbie Katz. Thank You! You can mail me, I don’t mind or whatever. Jeffrey Heckman thanks again..

  10. debbie katz says:

    I’d like to get your opinion on something. I played slots (RTG series) at the above casino a number of times. I made 3 deposits each for $500. I never took a bonus. I generally don’t win at these RTG casinos, but had good luck at casino33. In total, I won about $10,000 from different sessions. They always paid and everything was fine. Recently their manager contacted me and said “I was too good for them” and he disabled my account.

    First, how can someone be too good at slots? It’s totally luck and I just got lucky. He even told me he had my play analyzed at RTG (I generally bet $4-$5 per spin). RTG told him I was just lucky. I feel that this casino has a cashflow problem if they want someone like me not to play there. i didn’t win a huge fortune, but i feel this is not a good start at all for a new casino. What is your opinion?