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Online Entertainment Betting Offers Odds on American Idol and More

27 April 2010 by Devon Chappell
Got a hunch who the next American Idol will be?

Got a hunch who the next American Idol will be? Calling all bets!

Sick and tired of wagering at the same old online casino games? Okay, okay, so that’s impossible (wink, wink). But, for all the serious, regular bettors out there, it can’t be denied that sometimes you just simply need to mix things up, whether that’s a new casino game, and in some cases, a whole new form of wagering altogether. That said, how about mixing up television fun-fare with your online wagers next time?

Introducing pop culture online gambling. Okay, maybe that’s not necessarily the term for it, but as far as I know, there is no term. Hold on a sec – this just in – I am apparently referring to entertainment betting. There’s a term after all. And not that online entertainment betting isn’t popular, it’s just a little unconventional. In fact, most every reputable internet sportsbook offers one category or another of entertainment betting. And yet, there is one category (or show, if you will) that has more lines on it than any other entertainment wager online.

Alright already, whatever am I referring to? I’ll give you a hint. Try bellowing out this sentence in your worst possible falsetto voice and tell yourself it’s the best singing you’ve heard in your life. Oh, and then turn to your best friend “Simon” and let him tear you down to the core of your being and completely shatter all of your dreams of fame and fortune.

Maybe that’s not completely fair to Simon of “American Idol”. For anyone who has watched the popular “reality” television contest/show, you have to admit that American Idol offers some great entertainment. Whether it’s great live performances or the worst “staged” auditions ever to be caught on tape, American Idol will definitely move you.

For most fans of American Idol, everyone has their favorite, and as such, is “betting” that person will win the competition. Even if it’s not necessarily shaking hands or putting money on a winner, the unspoken hope in each and every fan is essentially a wager. As long as their is hope, it is possible!

So, if you have an eye for talent, online entertainment betting, i.e., American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Academy Awards etc, may just be the perfect diversion if and when you ever get tired of watching that roulette ball spin round and round, sick of seeing the dealer hit Blackjack or simply just can’t take the sound of another slot machine. There are several online sportsbooks offering entertainment wagers, including next elimination rounds for American Idol.

But with just six contestants left in the competition for Season 9 of American Idol, odds on the winner will not pay off nearly as much as they would have early on in the competition. In case you are wondering, here are the lines found at a leading sportsbook offering online entertainment betting:

Crystal Bowersox: 4 to 7
Lee Dewyze: 3 to 1
Casey James: 7 to 1
Siobhan Magnus: 8 to 1
Michael Lynche: 18 to 1
Aaron Kelly: 30 to 1

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2 Responses to “Online Entertainment Betting Offers Odds on American Idol and More”

  1. Claude Kuzara says:

    Congratulation Lee for becomming American Idol

  2. American Idol Cyle 9 is the greatest cycle by far. Can’t wait to find out who will win. My money is on Lee .