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March 17, 2008 - It's common fodder that games of poker often go hand-in-hand with cigars and beer. But reefer? Now there's a change of pace. Not denying that I myself haven't had a toke or two, three, four (you get the point), I do attest that reefer probably doesn't get passed around that much at the poker table. But then again, plenty goes on behind the closed virtual doors of the internet. Oh ya, did I mention there's now a legitimate online poker room dedicated to the ganga lifestyle...so, there you go.

Called Reefer Poker (just so you know what they're about from the get go), this is the latest poker room to join the Merge network. Already boasting nearly 700 pot-smoking players at peak times, 500+ cash players and a 7-day average of 385 players, Reefer Poker is making some waves with Merge players. The Merge network currently has ten active online poker rooms with the additions of Jam Poker and Reefer Poker, as well as five more rooms coming soon to join the network. There are currently roughly over 4,000 players online at a single time. With stats like these, it's pretty clear that Merge is becoming one of the fastest poker networks online.

Now, what about the reefer? Let's talk more about that. There are a few things that pop into my mind when I think about an online poker room inhabited by pot smokers. Part of me thinks this might attract a lot of sharks who could prey on the delayed reactions and short-term memories floating about in the wee hours of the night. However, knowing a few pot-smoking poker players myself, I have come to see just the opposite effect. While some players (like myself) couldn't stand a chance winning a poker hand while being stoned or even just moderately high, there are many seasoned pot smokers who actually play better when lit up. Call it relaxation of the mind, the bottom line is that reefer is medicine to some people.

Of course, when I think of Reefer Poker, I also get a mental image of a giant mound of weed acting as the grand prize jackpot, and tons of smoking paraphernalia that can be purchased with player rewards comp points. I even picture tournament promotions giving away vacations to Jamaica and Amsterdam. Oh wait a second, this actually turns out to be true. That's right folks. Reefer Poker is no joke. Not sure about the mound of weed, but Reefer Poker does plan to give away vacations to "exotic" locations like Jamaica. They are licensed in Kahnawake (which doesn't say much), but the fact of the matter is that Reefer Poker is in the Merge Network and holds it's security accreditations by Thawte.

Upon taking a closer look at Reefer Poker, I do have to say that it sounds tempting to light up a....I mean open an account here. They offer a 100% Welcome Bonus up to $500 Free (use bonus code REEFER100), free entry into a $1,000 guaranteed freeroll and 14 days worth of entry's into New Depositing Player $500 Freerolls. There is a comp point system here as well (not sure if you can exchange them in for a bong, but you do get $1 for every 250 points earned). And during the month of March, Reefer Poker is hosting $420 Guaranteed freeroll tournaments every Saturday and Sunday, which the winners of will receive free entry into their weekly guaranteed $20,000 online poker tournaments.

Originally published: March, 2008 | Categories: Online Poker


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