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July 18, 2008 - The latest online casino to get reviewed here at Online Casino Suite has been none other than Online Vegas. Sounds a little cliche doesn't it? That's what I thought at first - you know, bringin' Las Vegas to your doorstep...err, computer. Get it? Online Vegas. However, and that's an italicized however, after taking a closer look at Online Vegas, I soon found out they are anything but cliche. And besides, I think the name "Online Vegas" kind of works. Simplicity is best, right?

Upon first glimpse of their website, Online Vegas does indeed look like Las Vegas in a bottle. And guess what else? It looks like Las Vegas in a bottle for U.S. bettors. That is of course unless the red, white and blue stars and the graphic of Lady Liberty (that's the Statue of Liberty for all you...not sure what to call you...non-history buffs?) is some sort of thank you for France, and in doing so, some subliminal tactic to draw French players who speak English very well, I think it's safe to say that Online Vegas is largely focused on the U.S. market. Okay, breathe.

And who can blame them, right? While there still are many online casinos accepting bets from U.S. players, the market is nothing like it used to be before the passing of the UIGEA. I suppose you could say the UIGEA has been successful in that regard. But the implementation of the UIGEA and vagueness of the legislation itself could indeed spell trouble and less protection for U.S. players in the future if it is not repealed or drastically amended. But that's another blog entry altogether (and you can bet I'll be writing it...Actually, I think I already have...a couple of times).

What I want to talk about now is the reason why Online Vegas is not just another cliche online casino. And in order to do that, we have to take a look at their Welcome Bonus. Let me put it this way first. If you love to play online slots, and enjoy some extra padding for your bankroll, you would be stupid not to take advantage of this bonus.

On your first deposit, Online Vegas is essentially awarding a high roller bonus of 100% up to $500 free. In itself, that's a great bonus. But it doesn't end there. This is a multi-tier bonus, which is basically an ongoing reload bonus spread out over the course of several deposits. In this case, you're looking at ten deposits worth a grand total of up to $5,125 Free. Here's the entire breakdown:

Deposit 1: 100% up to $500 Free
Deposit 2: 125% up to $375 Free
Deposit 3: 150% up to $750 Free
Deposit 4: 25% up to $250 Free
Deposit 5: 25% up to $250 Free
Deposit 6: 25% up to $250 Free
Deposit 7: 25% up to $250 Free
Deposit 8: 25% up to $250 Free
Deposit 9: 25% up to $250 Free
Deposit 10: 200% up to $2,000 Free

As you can see, holding out until the tenth deposit is worth it. And if you think that's just too many bonuses to play through, the wager requirement is only 10x. So not only is this one of the largest bonuses on the internet today, it has one of the lowest play-through requirements as well. Just remember, that several games are exempt from meeting the play-through. But not slots. That's why if you love to pull the one-armed bandit, this is a bonus worth seriously considering.  For more information on Online Vegas Casino, please read our in-depth Online Vegas Review, or, Visit Online Vegas to read their FAQ's.

Originally published: July, 2008 | Categories: Online Casino


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