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September 23, 2009 - Sustainable online casinos? Who knew? Well, according to the website of Del Rio Casino, for every new depositing player, they will plant a tree. Billing themselves as the "First Eco-Casino", or rather "First Eco Online Casino", Casino Del Rio has come a long way from their early days as a tropical-themed casino in the late nineties. Indeed, Playtech-powered Casino Del Rio has been around for quite some time. Sister site to the popular Euro Casino, Casino Tropez, Del Rio still offers the same "Jetson-esque" graphics and great customer support that owner/manager, Hardway Investments, has come to be known for.

Now, while I do appreciate the fact that Del Rio is going green, I would be lying if I didn't say I've some "ish" with this whole "World's 1st Eco Casino". First off, it's clear that Del Rio gave themselves this title. I mean, it would be different if, say, some accredited green council of sorts gave this title. The only accreditation that Del Rio has is something from the non-profit "New Green Group", which quite frankly, I've never heard of. Furthermore, their website doesn't reveal much about what they do. Nor, can I find any other businesses boasting the "New Green Group" Seal of Approval. Apparently, they are owned by the Turner Broadcasting System.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, the New Green Group could really be new, hence the lack of information. But even so, New Green Group needs to give themselves a new dose of transparency and content as to exactly what they do. On their website they talk a little about helping businesses become more sustainable, which involves calculating their carbon footprint and putting measures in place that will help reduce said footprint. They go on to say they will act as an "intermediary between independent businesses and ecological initiatives", but offer not information on exactly what this means. In other words, they talk the green "talk", if you know what I mean. To get involved, they simply say to contact them. I'm tempted to do so myself. There's no phone number - just an email.

As for Casino Del Rio, like I said, I totally appreciate the steps they've taken to go green, which include the aforementioned commitment to plant trees, as well as implementing a recycling program and employing energy wastage monitors to help lower their business operations Carbon footprint. But are they the first Eco-Casino, really? I mean, if we are going to take a look at sustainability on a large scale, you could say that Ladbrokes was the first eco-casino, albeit Ladbrokes does more in the sports betting arena than online casino gambling. The reason I mention Ladbrokes is because they were actually just given the Number One position on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. In other words, they've done a lot more for the environment than any other online casino, not to mention any other large corporation period.

So, what's the lesson to be learned from all this? Well, if you're an online casino operator, now you have something to live up to. And live up to it you should. If you're Casino Del Rio, first off, great job on going green. Now, step it up even more, get more transparent, heck, start a blog about going green and corporate sustainability. Start tackling environmentally friendly projects that will get some news buzz, and you'll become the Golden Palace of sustainability! It's a good start, but not enough to call yourself the "World's First Eco-Casino".

Originally published: September, 2009 | Categories: Online Casino


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