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July 22, 2009 - What to talk about...oh Lord what is there to talk about? Yep, yours truly, Sweetie, was looking over my narcissistically prized blog and I noticed the "gambling" section was needing a good old fashioned "update", if you will. Go figure, right? A gambling blog on a website called Online Casino Suite.

Anyways, the cool thing about the "gambling" section of this blog, which also has a Bingo, Casino Games and Online Casino section, is that I can basically talk about anything that has anything to do with gambling, whether it's online or land-based gambling. Heck, I could even talk about all the gambles I've made in my personal life and still have it qualify for a legitimate, albeit slightly random blog entry.

So, now that I've wasted a full paragraph talking about what I could be talking about, please allow me to actually talk about something - related to gambling, of course. And, if you will ever be so kind to allow me the benefit of the doubt, I'll actually attempt to talk about something useful this time - perhaps derived from my years of making constant blunders and reading gambling tutorials over and over and over and over again.

Here's one for you: Why could it be that online gambling is actually a better wager than in the land-based casino? Well, guess what? I'm gonna tell you why. And I'm not going to just tell you why I think so. I'm going to be so bold to say why I know so. No he didn't! Get ready, 'cause here it comes. This is some top secret stuff folks....Are you ready? Okay, close your eyes. Now, open your mouth.....drum roll please.....

The whole reason why online gambling is better than land-based gambling is that it's online!

(That was a deep thought, was it not?).

My point is that online casinos offer more free money and better odds. How is that possible? Well, let's take a closer look at this whole "online" component.

Internet casinos do not have near as much overhead as a regular land-based casino. Of course, the best online casinos will need to put money up in licensing software and paying for an operational staff that should include a customer service team. But when you factor in the costs of maintaining a building, dealers and other personnel, leasing of machines and equipment, etc., it's not hard to surmise just how much more expensive it is operating a brick 'n mortar casino.

Going back to my original question, lower overhead means there is more money in the pot - and that means more free bonuses and better payout percentages. Furthermore, the whole nature of online gambling amounts to more business, which in turn, amounts to more money in the pot. Why do you think some of the progressive jackpot networks out there get as large as they do. I'm talking about millions of dollars in the pot at one time. How else can you explain the slots tournaments awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars per shot?

Of course, this information doesn't apply to every online casino. All this free money to give away simply isn't the case with every operator. It should go without saying that you only play at online casinos using reputable software and who are licensed and regulated in accredited jurisdictions. There are rogues out there, and they will take your money. But hey, let's be honest. The good casinos are likely to end up taking your money anyways. But in this case, at least you know you still have a fighting chance to turn the tides, especially with a little luck on your side.

Originally published: July, 2009 | Categories: Gambling


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