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November 5, 2009 - Here's something I don't understand (what else is new, right?). Why is it that people who are accustomed to gambling at land-based casinos, have so much distrust toward online casinos. I mean, even the one's who actually gamble online still have reservations about doing so, and often end up going back to playing land-based casinos simply because they actually think they're getting better odds. But then again, it's probably the free drinks.

The reason I know this is because the casino complaints department here at Online Casino Suite receives an email from a player every now and again about getting duped by an online casino - all because of unfair odds programmed into the software platform. Of course, this is an area we take very seriously and look into all complaints, especially when there are accusations of being scammed. Now, I don't handle these complaints myself (that's for the PR people who know how to talk without yelling), but I can say that from what I've read, many of these complaints are unfounded, and essentially come down to the player not understanding how odds work.

Here's a couple of examples. One guy sends an email in saying that the software of an online casino he was playing (a reputable one at that) was rigged because the dealer was getting more Blackjack's than he was. He went on to say that when he increased his stakes, he would also see an increase in losing hands. Another lady took the time to lay out all sorts of math calculations showing that her payout percentage on a couple of hours of slot machine action was statistically lower than it should be. Both players then went on to say they would only stick to gambling at the brick 'n mortar casino henceforth.

Don't get me wrong. I'm all for the players. But just because you're on a losing streak and the dealer gets a winning streak, does not mean the online casino is rigged. Nor does it mean that you are getting cheated just because the payout percentage on your particular gambling session is much lower than the online casinos average monthly payout. It means that there are variations, ups and downs if you will, in calculating expected return. Furthermore, expected return is over the course of thousands of hands. One player might get a 20% payout on the slots, while another will receive a 200% payout. In the end, it all averages out. And it's the lucky players - yes, even at strategy-based games too - who benefit the most.

Furthermore, it's no different than the land-based gambling realm. In fact, it's just the opposite. If you stick to playing at the best online casinos (licensed, regulated, proven track record, etc.) you are going to get better odds than a brick 'n mortar casino. How so? Well, if you do indeed play at online casinos that receive monthly, independent payout audits, you can see the numbers for yourself. I am certainly not denying that cheating scandals don't happen in the online gambling world. But you know what? They happen in the land-based world too. Let me count the ways. Oh ya, the incident which partly inspired me to write this blog post in the first place:

A gambler at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa, Florida, recently hit a $166 million jackpot playing slots. However, the casino was quick to step in and deny the jackpot on the grounds there was a computer glitch. It wasn't until the player brought his story to the local news (which made national headlines) that the casino was just as quick to come to an undisclosed settlement with the player. Looking at the statement made by the casino, the amount was very likely no more than $99,000, considering the casino's defense that the max jackpot on the game was no greater than that. But that's not accounting progressive jackpot sums, and the whole thing just smells like a big cover up.

Oh, and this isn't the first time Seminole Hard Rock Casino has done this. Just a few years back, another player hit a big jackpot - something like over $250,000 - which the casino would not honor because of a "malfunction". But once again, when the player brought his story public (probably at the cost of death threats), the casino decided to award the jackpot in full.

Need I say more.

Originally published: November, 2009 | Categories: Gambling


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