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October 25, 2008 - This is the online casino games blog is it not? So then, let's get straight to the point. Hey, give me some credit - I'm trying not to ramble as much...Fine okay, it's 'cause I'm hung over (You know it's some hangover when even thinking of the words to say hurts your head). Anyways, as I was saying, this being the online casino games blog and all, here's the scoop on Microgaming's latest release of online casino games. That wasn't so hard, was it (err...that's me talking to myself again).

Okay, so making the lineup this time around at Microgaming is a Gold Series European Blackjack game and three new video slots. To be precise, the new Blackjack game is actually a Multi-hand Perfect Pairs European Blackjack Gold game. The "Gold" part designates this game as being part of Microgaming's Gold series of games, which are "upgrades" to standard games, most often giving players more ways to win. In this case, players have the option of making several side bets, including the Perfect Pair, Coloured Pair and Mixed Pair.

Moving on the slots, the first game that caught my attention is Bob's Bowling Bonanza. What can I say - I have a thing for big, smooth round balls. Okay, that didn't sound so good. Where's your minds at people?! I guess I mean where's my mind at?! Alright, let's just say that I used to consider beer and bowling two of the major food groups. Anyways this new 5-reel video slot offers thirty paylines with a wild, scatter, gamble feature and an amazing bonus round that culminates with, you guessed it - bowling! (I'm getting a little too excited, aren't I?). Seriously though, when the Strike symbol appears on the first, third and fifth reel, the reels morph into bowling lanes. It's really cool and I highly recommend this game to anyone who loves bowling.

Another new slot that actually sounds entertaining to me is called "Spike's Nite Out". It's themed around dog's - you know the smart, four-legged creatures who like to go whoof, lick your face and crap on your new rug (at least mine does). A very funny game for dog and poker lover's, the symbols on this game feature poker playing mutts with all the charm of a Hanna Barbara cartoon. There are fifteen paylines with a max coin amount of .20, making this slot more bearable on the bankroll while still dishing out some hefty winnings (30,000 in the base game and 1,350 in bonuses).

The third slot of the bunch was made for one reason and one reason alone (I never understood that phrase...One reason is one reason, right? Why does it have to be one reason alone?...Doesn't the word one denote aloneness...jeez, I'm getting tired). Anyways this one reason is none other than Halloween. Themed around the 80's blockbuster hit movie "Ghost Busters", this 5-reel, 20-payline slot is called "Jonny Specter", and it's full of spooky (I can't believe I just used the word spooky) yet fun graphics. The game offers a wild, expanding wild, multipliers and the best of all - free spins with winnings up to 15,000.

That's it folks. Check out any of these games at Microgaming Online Casinos. Even if you simply want to test the games out without having to put money on the line, all Microgaming casino licensees will allow you to open a "Practice" account with no obligation to deposit real money.

Originally published: October, 2008  Categories: Casino Games


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