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March 8, 2008 - There are plenty of casino games to play online. But what about free casino games? When there's so many people gambling online for real money, it might just seem like a difficult task to find a website offering free casino games without imposing a catch of some kind. However, that's surprisingly not the case. I'll tell you why.

Actually, it's not that surprising when you think about it. The whole premise behind most free casino games is to get you in the mood to gamble. After you've spun the reels a few times and earned a nice little pot of fun-money credits, the theory is that your confidence is going to be built up and you will be that much more inclined to switch over for real money. If you are weary about where to gamble online and are fishing the waters, you might be suspicious of a casino letting you win tons of money in free mode, only to switch the odds and algorithm of the software when you start playing with real money. And while that has certainly happened before, if you stick to gambling at online casinos powered by reputable, third party online casino software, you don't have anything to worry about.

The vast majority of people who search out free casino games either want to brush up on their gambling skills before spending a weekend in the casino, or they are considering the prospects of gambling on the internet. It's the latter group that online casinos want to get in their doors. Look, I'll be frank with you - We even offer free online casino games here at Online Casino Suite. Why? So that you can see what it's like to gamble online, to get a feel for the software and then take it on to one of the casinos featured on our site. As much as I would like to say that they are strictly here for the entertainment and fun, we know the vast majority of you are not going to play our free casino games just for the fun and entertainment. If you are, the more power to you.

Otherwise, we know you are most likely going to want to take your online gambling adventure elsewhere. That's why we provide you with online casino reviews. We can sit right with our conscience knowing that all of the online casinos reviewed on our site are powered by reputable, third party software platforms that are independently tested for inherent fairness and have earned a reputation of trustworthiness and fairness with thousands players over the years.

If you want to mull over a selection of free online casino games, all of the casinos reviewed here allow you to open a free account with no obligation to deposit real money. You are given unlimited free credits to gamble the same free casino games that are offered in the real-money software platform, with one exception - progressive jackpot games. Since progressive jackpots are shared on a wide area network between multiple online casinos, it wouldn't be feasible to offer these in fun mode.

The greatest thing about opening a free online casino account is that it gives you the opportunity to test out the games firsthand in the same exact setting as you would be when playing with real money. You can open accounts at multiple online casinos powered by different software platforms, and then when you've weighed other factors like bonuses and promotions, you can make a decision as to which online casino you want to deposit real money with. Or, you can just use the software to practice before your monthly rendezvous to Atlantic City. There's no obligation whatsoever. And all it takes to sign up is a valid email address. If you stick to the online casinos reviewed here, I can guarantee you won't be flooded with spam. While some casinos will put you on their monthly newsletter (which you can always opt out of receiving), you are likely to never receive a single unsolicited email whatsoever.

I hope this eases your mind about playing "free" casino games and gambling online, or at least points you in the right direction to get some free action. Remember, if you stick with a reputable software platform and a casino with some reputation, you have nothing to feat except bad luck at the blackjack table...but that's another article altogether.

Originally published: March, 2008  Categories: Online Casino | Casino Games


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