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August 4, 2009 - I have to tell you's guys and gals that I was extremely delighted, and I dare say, just a little misty-eyed, to see Cryptologic come out with some new online casino games. I don't know if it's that my short term memory cells need a little help, or that I just don't pay close enough attention, or that my childhood was lacking ample social activities, or that Cryptologic really hasn't come out with some new games in a while,  yet it was relief to see that Cryptologic still has it.

One of the pioneering online casino software developers in business today (let's just say that the other one rhymes with Nicro Raiming), Cryptologic was instrumental in helping set a precedent in securitized online gambling activities. When internet betting first came about in the mid-nineties, the main concern was "is my money going to be safe and secure". Of course, the second concern was "is this sh&% rigged?" We all know now, thanks in part to Cryptologic, that regulated online gambling is indeed fair, and that you can find even better payouts at online casinos than their land-based casinos.

That said, before I continue on with the entire history of online gambling, or even better, the subtle differences of taste between a cold-activated Coors Light and a warm Old Speckled Hen (okay, that just doesn't sound right), let me tell you about Cryptologic's most recent new casino game release. Adding four new slots titles, Street Fighter IV, Cleo Queen of Egypt, Area 21 and Savannah Sunrise, Cryptologic can now boast over 888888 slots in their portfolio, including the very popular Marvel Superhero Slots and a new series of Warner Brothers DC Comics titles.

The most anticipated slot of the bunch is no doubt "Street Fighter IV". A popular video game dating back to the nineties, "Street Fighter" was all about the myriad of complex fighting moves, slow motion replays, 3D views, and of course, the unique variety of avatar characters. Me personally, I was impartial to the female fighters, because not only were they hot (I think this was the first video game that gave me a woodie), they could kick some ass. The slot version of this awesome video game brings back the whole feel and atmosphere via some iconic symbols, graphics and sound effects. In terms of logistics, this is a bonus feature slot with wilds, 25x multipliers and 10 free spins feature.

First of all, before even checking Cleo Queen of Egypt out, I was totally convinced this slot would totally portray Cleo is this Neffertitti-esque, beautiful hot Egyptian vixen, and you know what? I was totally right, although I would have liked to see some more skin. Has this become the hornball casino games post or what? Anyhow, five sweet Cleo symbols lined up on all the reels at once will pay one of nine progressive payout prizes, while three scatter symbol pyramids will trigger a bonus feature round.

Keeping with the whole Egyptian them is a slot from outer space (Yes, I believe the Egyptians came from outer space). It is called Area 21, and if you might recall, is a spin on the whole Area 51 alien conspiracies in the southern deserts of Nevada. The "Area 21" slot, however, is the hottest night club spot all of alien land. A bonus slots, "Area 21" actually brings a little "21' into the game by awarding free spins based on Blackjack hands.

Last but not least is "Savannah Sunrise". This is a slot more for the laid back sort who are seeking a peaceful getaway with their online gambling activities. I know the feeling... Themed after a jungle savannah, aside from the roaring lion, there are plenty of nature sounds to put you at ease. But, the real selling points are the 20 free spins feature, 20x multiplier and the fact that you can win 243 different ways.

Well, that's it folks. If you want to learn more about Cryptologic, and who OCS considers to be their best online casino licensee in business today, you'll just have to go visit the Cryptologic page, 'cause I'm not going to tell you.


Originally published: August, 2009  Categories: Casino Games


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