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April 29, 2009 - You might recall Cryptologic's new game release earlier this month. I know I did. Sure, like always, Crypto's PR people got the news out all over the internet, not to mention my mailbox - but most importantly, I've got to say this was one of Cryptologic's best releases ever - certainly the best in 2009 thus far. Unlike your normal game release in which the vast majority of the new games are video slots (the same machines but with different themes), Cryptologic has launched a new card game, which I'll tell you about in a sec, and made enhancements to other table games.

Having said that, I suppose I need to make a disclaimer. You know that part about me saying this game release didn't primarily consist of video slots. Well, I sort of lied. Sure, there's a new card game included in the release (which I'll tell you about in a sec), but the fact of the matter is that there are like five video slots in this new package. So yes, it looks like your typical load of online casino games. But, I'm still holding to my guns when I say Cryptologic's latest release is the best in 2009 thus far.

So here's my second disclaimer - I may be a little biased about one of the new games. But come on! Who wouldn't be? I'm talking about a video slot modeled after the top-selling video game in 2007. Need a reminder? How about a "call to duty"?. Yep, that's right. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been turned into a video slot. Okay, maybe you're not going to be that excited if you're not into video games. But nonetheless, it's a brilliant marketing move on Cryptologic's part. No surprise here considering how successful Cryptologic has been at branding some of the most popular entertainment media into online slots.

The only thing I don't like about this move is the game's glorification of war. And I'm not talking about a glorification that could be argued for all the right reasons - say like the sense of pride that Scottish clans carried when defending their heritage (that is,  before the English stepped in, which if you ever have a chance to see the play "Blackwatch", do so - it's all about the Scottish regiment and is a great piece of theatre). Anyways, Call of Duty 4 has more of an American feel, if you get my drift - and c'mon - American's with guns is not an image most people want in their mind right now. How that translates into a slot machine, we'll just have to wait and see.

As for the other online casino games, these include four more video slots, including the third version of Millionaire's Club, which awarded the highest online casino jackpot ever back in 2007 - worth over $8 million. As for that new table game (I told ya I'd tell ya), it's none other than Double Deck Blackjack. Also in the land of BJ's (alright, enough of that - you know what I mean), Cryptologic is releasing enhanced versions of European Roulette and their single deck and progressive blackjack games. Oh, and lest I forget, you should know these are only available at a few select online casino licensees - one of  which happens to be an OCS top pick - InterCasino. Read our Inter Casino Review for more information.

And for all you no-download Aficionado's, you should be pleased to hear that Cryptologic is also expanding the number of online casino games available in Flash. And I'm not just talking about a handful. A whopping 25 more casino games have been added to the instant-play lineup, thus making Cryptologic's no-download Flash package one of the most diverse today. And although their online casino game portfolio doesn't top Microgaming's, who recently hit the 400 mark, Cryptologic still offers a hefty and diverse choice of over 280 games. Visit our Cryptologic page for more information on this leading gaming software developer and online casino licensor.

Originally published: April, 2009  Categories: Casino Games


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