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September 2, 2009 - First off, let me give a disclaimer for this blog entry. Your's truly, Sweetie, (oh, how I blush when I see my name in print....also, when whispered in my ear, but that's not for now...nor later), have been known to get started talking about a particular subject and exhaust that particular subject to no end, to exhaust that particular subject to no end, to exhaust that particular subject to no end.

That said, you will forgive me for continuing my conservation and subsequent exhaustion of online casino bonuses and cheap beer, which just so happen to be my two favorite things in life. Okay, maybe the bonuses place a near second to form-fitting spandex. I'll let you ponder on exactly what exactly I like to see spandex form-fitting to.

So, I believe last time I was discussing (with myself, mind you) the monetary values of sign-up bonuses and that size doesn't always matter. Believe me folks, I should know. The larger it is, the longer it takes to cash out. Okay, we won't go further with that one, but just know that big bonus money isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Nor are most online casino bonuses for that matter.

One type of bonus that doesn't get as much attention as the others, namely signup welcome bonuses, high roller bonuses, no-deposit bonuses and reload bonuses, is the Refer-a-Friend Bonus, which I sometimes refer to as the "Refer a Fiend Bonus" when one of my frequent typo's just so happens to leave out the "r". In many ways, this isn't that popular a casino bonus, because most online casinos dish out enough free bonus money in reload offers, that most players don't even bother with tracking down their friends so as to earn a moderate sized bonus - usually no more than $50 - although I have come across some $100 Refer a Friend bonuses.

Besides, the online gamblers who are successful at referring lots of friends to online casinos, generally become, or already are, affiliates of their favorite casinos, thus fostering more money to be earned, not to mention money that isn't bound by bonus terms and conditions. Speaking of "fostering", hold on a sec while I crack open a fat can of Foster beer. Ahhhhhh, that's nice.

I mean, who wants to really "refer" their friends to gamble online anyways. For those friends who are not really into gambling in the first place, why would anyone want to potentially be the person who causes them financial ruin and a broken marriage. Sure, you could also be the person who indirectly helps them to win a huge jackpot, but let's face it, the odds of that happening are not that great. In other words, referring friends, who have never gambled online before, to online casinos is like playing Al Pacino in the Devil's Advocate.

If you're friends already gamble, that's another story. The greatest value of the Refer-a-Friend Bonus is when you want some more gambling money but don't want to deposit any more money into your account, which is mandatory when claiming a reload bonus. You will still have meet the T&C's of the bonus money, but at least you are not putting more of your own money at risk.

In many ways, it's like a large no-deposit casino bonus - and that, my friends, is why you should consider claiming a Refer-a-Friend Bonus.

The best Refer-a-Friend Bonuses currently being offered at the leading, regulated online casinos in business today can be found at the eCOGRA approved, Microgaming-powered casinos in the Casino Rewards group. OCS top picks are Casino Classic and Captain Cooks. Truly better than any Friend-Referral bonus we've seen, Casino Rewards offers three-tier bonuses up to $1,000 Free. In other words, you will receive up to $1,000 per direct friend referral, and will receive additional bonus money on the friends referred by your referrals and the friends referred by your referrals friends - three tiers deep.

Playtech-powered online casinos offer the next best Refer-a-Friend Bonuses. OCS favorites include Europa Casino, Casino Bellini & Casino Tropez. What makes their Refer-a-Friend bonuses the best is that they do not require the referral to wager their own bonus so many times over before the referring player can claim their bonus.

U.S. players cannot gamble at these destinations, but may find better luck at RTG Casinos and Vegas Technology Casinos.

Originally published: September, 2009 | Categories: Casino Bonuses


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