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July 26, 2009 - I feel like I've said it before, but you know what? That's right, say it with me. "I'm 'gonna say it again!" Since this is the bingo section of Sweetie's blog and all, I'm dead set on talking about online bingo. And you know what? So is everybody else.  Lately, when I go searching through the Google news results for online gambling articles to read up on, it seems there are more articles about online bingo than online casino gambling.

I guess it shouldn't be that much of a surprise, considering how much online bingo has taken off with the internet gambling crowd over the last five years or so. Especially in the UK, where both the online gambling industry has been liberalized and bingo has long been a popular game, certain internet bingo rooms have literally become top competitors for the best online casinos. Citing the news once again, the amount of promotions, bonuses and tournaments alone that are popping up at leading bingo rooms might just have you thinking these bingo destinations are even doing better than the online casinos.

Here's a little taste of all the online bingo news I just saw on a single page of news results: The premiere of a new British based bingo room, Graces Bingo (offering a 300% welcome bonus and 10,000 every week in guaranteed jackpots), a new no-deposit bonus worth 15 from Bingo.com, an announcement from GTech G2 that several online bingo room partners will soon be offering PayPal services to real money bettors, a massive new bonus worth 900% from Gone Bingo, and new free games from Daily Record Bingo.

That's a lot to chew, I know. I mean, who even considers offering a 900% bonus? Definitely not any online casino I know. But wait, just as soon as I say this, my other hand has opened another search window to check this offer out for meself. And sure enough, this is really a three-part welcome bonus worth 300% each. It goes to show, always check the source of your news. And even if the source is credible, read the fine print for yourself.

Alright now, don't get me started. Deceptive promotions and misleading marketing just makes me sick. Call me crazy, or call me stubborn (you can even call me Sweetie...well, 'cause that's my name), but I will never step foot (albeit a virtual foot) in an online casino or bingo room that is guilty of deceptive marketing. It's just too insulting to my intelligence - or what's left of it anyways. That said, it should really be insulting to you too. In the case of the above-mentioned news, it is explained later on down in the article that this bonus is really only worth 300% (not so deceiving after all). And let's face it. A 300% bonus isn't bad for an online bingo room. That's lot's of free cards and many hours of some of the best gaming entertainment the internet has to offer.

So, to sum things up - because believe me, I won't sum it up unless I hear myself say that I am summing it up - there's lot's of stuff happening in the online bingo world right now. Just take a look at the recent news results in Google or your favorite online gambling news portal to stay in the know.

Originally published: July, 2009 | Categories: Bingo


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