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Strategy Learning Basics and the Value of Strategy Cards

Blackjack. It's one of the best bets, if not the best bet in the casino; And it's one of the easiest games to learn. What else is there to say, right? Well, there's actually a lot more to say.

The whole part about blackjack being the best bet in the casino is contingent on a "Basic", yet long mathematical strategy that is sure to challenge even the fittest mind, or better, memory. Indeed, successfully using the Basic Blackjack strategy, which can practically neutralize the Casinos Edge, essentially amounts to memorizing a bunch of hand scenarios for you and the dealer, and regurgitating the necessary action on the blackjack table.

You've likely seen these color-coded blackjack strategy cards, which in graph-like fashion, tell you the best move to make, based on the dealt cards. And while these strategy cards are very helpful for learning the strategy during practice mode, in the same fashion as a calculator, these cards are easy to grow dependent on. What happens when you find yourself in the casino, seated a blackjack table, only to find you've lost your strategy card or left it back in the hotel room? Besides, you wouldn't want to be hovering over a strategy card while seated at a table in the casino anyways, if you know what I mean.

Even for blackjack play in the online casino, a strategy card should not serve as a lifeline. It should only serve as a teaching tool and reference. Not only will you be faster with your decisions when you have the basic blackjack strategy down pat, you will have a greater confidence when it comes time to making those decisions.

Just remember, ingraining the Basic Blackjack Strategy into your memory takes time and practice...and practice...and more practice. Many players like to start off tackling a somewhat abbreviated version of the Basic Strategy, called the Simple Strategy, only to move on later to the more expansive "basic" strategy.

For new players who want to get started playing quickly (for example, say you're staying in Vegas and get inspired by your friend's success at the Blackjack table, and you decide you want to give it a go later that same evening), there is a crash course to learning the basic strategy precepts broken down into ten simple rules...but more on that later.

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