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Choosing Your Online Casinos and Blackjack Games Wisely

This day and age you would be hard pressed to find a casino offering single deck blackjack, especially amongst online casinos with automatic card shufflers built into the software. However, if you do, there's probably more than meets the eye. In other words, before jumping into a single-deck game of blackjack, you need to check the rules.

Certainly, playing with a single deck is more advantageous than multiple decks. In terms of handicap, two decks versus one deck raises your disadvantage by .35%. Play with 8 decks and your handicap is raised by almost .6%.  For anybody familiar with blackjack strategy, every tenth of a percent counts. But the question remains, is this small gain worth it? Well, not if you are getting paid 6:5 for a blackjack.

A common trick that casinos like to employ is to offer 6:5 for a blackjack (natural 21) instead of the standard 3:2. In terms of payout on a $10 bet, 6:5 would pay $12 and 3:2 would pay $15. Fifteen bucks doesn't sound like much, but you wouldn't believe what this does to your overall odds and the Casinos Edge. Instead of a reasonable .58% Casinos Edge playing eight-deck blackjack with a 3:2 "natural 21" payout, a single deck game with a 6:5 payout on a hand of blackjack comes with a 1.4% Casinos Edge - a huge difference!

Expanding this even further, if you were to play 60 hands per hour (a low estimate when playing at an online casino), the expected loss on the 3:2 eight-deck game using perfect strategy would be $3.50/hour, as opposed to $8.35/hour on the 6:5 single-deck game. You can see why you should never play a game of blackjack that pays 6:5. Be careful because some casinos will even advertise it like it's better than 3:2.

Before you play blackjack, know your math, and pick blackjack games that have the fewest decks, allow early and late surrender, doubling down on any two cards (including after splitting pairs), allow multiple pair splitting, re-splitting of Aces, and require the dealer to stand on a soft 17. And when you're playing (no doubt using perfect strategy), remember to have enough bankroll to get you through extended lengths of time. Always double down when strategy dictates, because it's the doubling down that will help to put you in a profitable margin.

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