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The flagship site of the World Bingo Network, Bingo Workz is one of the most popular and highly regarded online bingo rooms today. How large you ask? Well, in 2007 Bingo Workz had over 500,000 registered active players, and continues to this day, to give out $100,000 in guaranteed payouts every day of the year. Going on 1 million players, and paying back 80% of all card sales to players, it's easy to see how this is possible. The World Bingo Network was one of the first dedicated bingo networks (formed in 2001) and consequently launched some of the first global online bingo rooms.

In a gaming industry where online casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks often overshadow online bingo rooms, it should be reassuring for the bingo lovers out there that Bingo Workz is issuing cards to players. Using proprietary software (also under the Bingo Workz name) Bingo Workz the bingo room, offers a unique and entertaining overall gaming package. Besides six different bingo game rooms, Bingo Workz offers side games of video poker, online slots and traditional casino table games that can be simultaneously played during number draws. Chat games also take place round the clock, which any bingo player knows is essential to the social aspects of online bingo.

Up to 100 cards can be played at once, which the software plays a truly intelligent role in helping manage. Using a "Best Order" function as cards are being played out, the software calculates how many numbers are needed to hit Bingo on each card (displaying this number at the top of each card), while also color-coding each card according to which one's are closest to being hit. These cards are placed on top of one's stack, which is continuously updated in real time according to each card's proximity of hitting Bingo.

Bingo Workz offers all types of bingo games and card styles, including Blackout Bingo games, Fair N' Square Bingo, High Rollers Bingo and their most popular bingo room of all - Bingo Central. Each room offers different priced cards, ranging from $.05 to $1, with Bingo Central being the most affordable of all (nickels, dimes and quarters). Bingo Workz also hands out progressive jackpots. Top of the Hour, Top of the Day, Top of the Evening and Top of the Week jackpots can get up to $10,000 and are awarded at specific times in true raffle-draw fashion. Depending on the time and day of the week, card prices will vary. Just take a look at the games schedule published at and you'll see just how comprehensive their bingo game offering is.

Another thing worth mentioning about BingoWorkz are the promotions and free stuff, which are better than most top tier online casinos. As large and active as Bingo Workz has become, they are able to front free cash and offer new members a sign-up bonus of 250% one's initial deposit. Furthermore, 50% of any losses on this first deposit are awarded back. And for players who want to give things a test run first, Bingo Workz has something of a quasi no-deposit bonus. Without any obligation to make a deposit, Bingo Workz gives away thirty free Bonus Bucks, which can be used to play real money games. If you stick around long enough, depending on your cumulative deposits with the cashier, all future deposits are met with reload bonuses ranging from 100% to 300%.

When it's time to cash out winnings, simply make a request with the online cashier and payment will be typically received within 48 hours (contingent on the payment method selected). All financial transactions are securely processed by World Bingo Network UK Ltd, using 128-biy encryption and Secure Socket Layer firewalls to store financial information.

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