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Don't Just Play Your Cards Right - Play Lots of Online Bingo Cards

Just because you can't use a mathematical strategy, per say, to better your odds at winning bingo, doesn't mean you can't optimize your playing sessions to give yourself better potential at winning. In essence, you can better your odds at winning. There's just not any mathematical strategy that's going to tell you how much. Case in point: Online bingo rooms will allow you to purchase as many bingo playing cards as you like, up to a certain amount.

For instance, at Bingo Workz, depending on the bingo game you're playing (Desperate Lounge, Bingo Central, SS Low Max, Fair 'n Square and Blackout Bingo), you can play from 3 to 100 online bingo cards per game. Yet for Fair 'n Square Bingo, all participants must play the same number of cards. That's what makes it Fair 'n Square.

This brings me back to the original point. The more online bingo cards you play, the greater you chances at winning. Of course, you are putting more money at risk. But just like when you make the max bets at progressive slots so that you will be eligible for the highest payout (that will surely offset your losses), you can pretty much guarantee you'll get your "investment" back if you win an online bingo jackpot.

And if you think that 100 bingo cards will cost you too much money, you can generally find many bingo games for ten cents and sometimes a nickel. 100 nickel cards is only a $5 bet. Not bad when you consider how far you're covering the boards. Dime and quarter games are more common, but nickel games exist. In the Bingo Central game at Bingo Workz, nickel cards are played every day of the week between 5 a.m. and 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time.

So now that I've brought up the notion of playing 100 bingo cards at once, you might be wondering how on earth you can possible keep track of all those cards. Good question. It's the auto-function, and it's very important that you make use of it. Here again is another action that will help you optimize your winnings when you play online bingo.

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