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The Best Online Bingo Bonus We've Found to Date

by Elizabeth Nguyen

May 18, 2009

It can be a somewhat difficult task finding the best online bingo bonus, considering there are so many offers floating about the internet. There are many factors to weigh in, including the percentage of the bonus, overall amount of free money offered and the terms/wager conditions governing the offer. Depending on what you are looking to get out of your playing sessions, there is probably just one online bingo bonus perfectly suited for you.

From our experience in the online gaming sector, bingo players want the most amount of free money they can get per deposit amount. In other words, they want a large bonus with minimum deposit requirements. As for the the wager requirement, that doesn't matter so much in the grand scheme. Smart bingo players are in it for the entertainment value. While we all want to win the big jackpot, the most experienced bingo players know that it doesn't happen overnight. Therefore, since you should be in it for the long haul, you might as well enjoy yourself and stretch out your bankroll as much as possible. Besides, you are going to make some good friends playing bingo online. Most bingo players agree the social value is worth the money in and of itself.

Considering all these factors, Online Casino Suite has spent many hours searching for the best online bingo bonus - and we can confidently say that we've found it. USA Bingo, which as you might guess is open to U.S. players, is part of the highly reputable and popular Bingo Workz network. There are many reasons why USA bingo stands out from the rest of the pack - but it's the online bingo bonus here that truly is the icing on the cake. It's so good, in fact, we can honestly say it beats some of the best online casino bonus offers out there.

USA Bingo is offering a 250% online bingo bonus (up to $2,500 Free according to customer service reps), which essentially means if you deposit $1,000, you get $3,500 in your account. For a deposit of $100, you'll have $350 to wager with. In reality, this might as well be a 300% bonus, since USA Bingo will pay back another 50% of any losses incurred. Of course, if you come out on top, you won't be needing any cash-back on losses. Nonetheless, it's nice to know the offer is there.

Furthermore, all returning players automatically receive 100% bonuses on all deposits and are eligible to receive up to 250% in free monthly bingo bonus money, depending on cumulative deposits with the bingo room. Deposit from $0-500 and get 100% on all further deposits, deposit $501-$1,000 and get 150% in free money, make $1,001-$10,000 in deposits and get a 200% online bingo bonus, while anything above that is eligible for the aforementioned 250% bonus there on out.

For this kind of bonus money, USA Bingo is definitely worth checking out. You can even win money without risking money. Bingo USA is so confident you will want to call their bingo room home, they are offering 30 Free Bonus Bucks to every new player. Bonus Bucks are playing credits that can be used to win real cash - and there is no obligation to deposit whatsoever. Simply use the free credits to try out the software, get a feel for the various bingo games offered and win some money while you're at it. If you think you're ready to deposit you own funds, don't wait too long, 'cause there's no telling how long the Welcome Bonus will be available.

Visit USA Bingo or read our USA Bingo Review for more information.



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