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Baccarat Tips
Looking for Holes in the Baccarat Gambling System "Pitch"

When the phrase "gambling system" is used, you can bet the rest of your bankroll that either "Roulette" or "Baccarat" is used in the same sentence. No other casino games spark as much interest in gambling systems as do Baccarat and Roulette.  Perhaps this is because both games deliver a relatively low Casinos Edge that can be impacted by incorporating limited strategy, as opposed to the more comprehensive mathematical strategy's that govern say video poker or Blackjack. In other words, since there is no complicated mathematical strategy inherent to Baccarat and Roulette, perhaps the growth of gambling strategy's cam from a "need" to make things more complicated.

Sure, there is something to be said for the low Casinos Edge of Baccarat, which is 1.06% on the Banker Hand and 1.24% on the Player Hand (never mind the Tie Bet). There is also something good to be said for Baccarat's low Standard Deviation (0.93-0.95), i.e., the amount of volatility imposed on one's bankroll. Although the online casino version of Baccarat, and Mini Baccarat at that, is much easier on the overall bankroll amount, the one thing you can count on in the land-based casino is that your Baccarat stakes will be much higher, albeit with less volatility.

Returning back to the idea of using "gambling systems" to succeed at Baccarat, well.....let's just say they do not guarantee anything. Anyone who tells you otherwise, and who also seeks to sell you a secret "gambling system" monograph guaranteeing success at the Baccarat table, is a scam artist. Instead of taking a closer look at one of these top secret gambling systems, let's take an even closer look at a Baccarat gambling system pitch to see if we can discern the B.S. and see through the smoke and empty promises.

First off, it's easy to identify the empty promises. This one particular pitch promised that it was "the only Baccarat system that will prove to you it works before you buy it". Of course, there was no further explanation of how it was going to do this. The only thing that followed was a contradictory statement saying, "you can begin to use the system in the members area....and after purchase you will receive immediate access". It goes on to say the Baccarat system "has been tested at casinos by thousands of players, and so it will work for you". Oh, that makes perfect sense. Just because thousands of other players tested this system out, not necessarily winning any money, it will work for me. Wow!

The pitch then goes on to give several reasons why you need this particular Baccarat gambling system. Need for what, it doesn't say. What it does say, however, is that "you only have to play four hours in one day and you will win $1,650". Once again, it doesn't say how, other than attempt to offer some numbers and equations that do nothing but confuse.

The two things in this particular pitch that are totally misleading, however, are the comparison of Baccarat to a coin toss, saying that a good definition of randomness is "tossing a coin over a period of time and getting 50% heads and 50% tails", while in the case of Baccarat, since there are fixed cards and rules, it is not random at all. Uh, last time I checked, a coin only has two values - heads or tails. Sure, there is more randomness in a coin toss, but to say that Baccarat is not random at all is misleading. It's a betting game. Chance is always a factor. The other laughable part of this Baccarat gambling system pitch was when it said " have a better chance to win playing Baccarat than Blackjack". Once again, last time I checked, Blackjack offered a lower Casinos Edge when played with mathematically correct strategy.

Do yourselves a favor. Don't entirely rule out playing Baccarat. As I said, it delivers a low Edge and offers better odds than most other games in the online casino. However, if you are going to spend valuable time and energy learning a worthwhile strategy, take up the Basic Blackjack Strategy and forget about the Baccarat Gambling Systems and "miracle" secret duds.

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