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About Us

Navigating the online gambling world can be a tricky matter considering all the variations in online gambling laws, accreditations and regulatory guidelines. These days, there is such a wealth of online casinos ever so willing to take your money, it can be overwhelming selecting the online casino that best deserves your business, let alone an online casino that is not going to take your money and run.

This is where Online Casino Suite, aka OCS, enters the picture. Our mission is to, first and foremost, look after the welfare of players. We can't guarantee that you will win every time. However, we can guarantee that if you stick to playing at the online casinos reviewed and approved (the two go hand-in-hand) at OCS, 1) You will play with fair odds; 2) Your personal information, money and winnings will be safe and secure; and 3) If a dispute were to arise, we will mediate on your behalf.

Not to toot our own horn or anything (okay, we're tooting it), OCS has been independently reviewing online casinos since 2006. However, the folks working behind the scenes at OCS have been involved in the online gaming industry since the early days of its existence (pre 2000) and have over 25 years of combined experience helping players find the best online casinos in business.

Looking after the welfare of players not only entails promulgating best-practice responsible gaming standards for operators - a mandatory requirement for all online casinos reviewed at OCS - it means we at OCS also have the duty and responsibility to serve as a voice for players when things don't go as smoothly as planned. Whether we're talking about inadvertent bonus abuse, an unintended withdrawal delay or a denial of winnings, OCS provides an open complaints channel and free mediation services for all players. Our reputation and standing with both casino operators, regulatory bodies like eCOGRA (OCS is an eCOGRA approved portal) and player's alike, puts us in a unique position to make things right.

And that is what we are all about at Online Casino Suite.