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As the online gambling industry continues growing by leaps and bounds, online gambling magazines continue sprouting from the presses. These days, you are likely to find more magazines discussing internet betting than bricks 'n mortar casinos.

The bulk of the most popular magazines are centered around online poker, since it is such a social and popular game that has become a way of life for many players. Especially with the popularity of the World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour, poker magazines have started bridging the gap between the online and land-based gaming worlds.

All of the magazine publications presented here either deal with one area of gambling, or incorporate all of them into a single publication. If you are a fan of land-based casino gambling, online casinos, even sports betting, there is a perfect magazine for your tastes.

Player Subscriptions

Card Player - One of the first poker magazines to hit the stands, Card Player has great write-ups from recognizable pros and shares lots of tips suitable for both the beginning and advanced players.

Strictly Slots - Legendary slots Aficionado's like Frank Scoblete and Legato can be read at Strictly Slots. Truly the top magazine for slot machines both online and offline, Strictly Slots reviews machines before they even hit the casino floor.

Casino Player - Published in conjunction with Strictly Slots, Casino Player covers everything else on the casino floor, including game strategies, casino reviews and online gambling news. As the name says, Casino Player is focused on the player experience inside and around the casino, including the dining, entertainment and vacation experience.

Bluff - If you are a fan of poker and want to be in the know about the latest and upcoming tournaments, Bluff is probably your best resource on the newsstands. Interviews with top pros and excellent commentaries make up this popular magazine.

Gambling Online Magazine - Although the content is not as in-depth as some other magazines, GOM has some good articles suitable for anyone who places bets on the Web.

Southern Gaming - While you will certainly find some great reviews on the top Southern gaming destinations, restaurants, spas and more, this free subscription magazine offers some great articles on game strategy, casino gambling in general, and also covers the Caribbean gambling sector.

Native American Casino - This is the top magazine for the tribal gambling industry, publishing an extensive listing of the latest news and promotions offered at the many Indian casinos in North America. The magazine is published monthly and yearly subscriptions go for as little as $63 - A sound investment considering all of the bonus offers and comp leads.

Trade Journals and Industry

Clarion Gaming - Responsible for a number of highly respected publications, ranging from trade journals like iGaming News, to comprehensive studies, like the Internet Gambling Report, Clarion Gaming is the industry leader in assessing the heartbeat of the online gambling industry.

iGaming Business Affiliate Magazine - The affiliate gaming sectors leading publication devoted to fostering growth and expansion of the online gambling industry. This is a great resource for anyone with a gambling related blog or website, as well as casino operators and affiliate marketing specialists.

Casino Life - Launched in 2005, Casino Life can now be found on the desk of just about every casino executive and gaming equipment manufacturer. Offering free subscriptions to qualifying casino owners and operators at one time, Casino Life is now available for a small subscription fee. If you are professionally involved in the land-based gambling sector, this is one magazine you need to have. Everything from in-depth interviews with high profile CEO's to new product releases are covered.

EGR Magazine - eGaming Review Magazine is an industry leader in all things related to the business of online gambling. In-depth and objective reporting covering payment processing, marketing/affiliates, technology, legal matters, business opportunities and jobs within the industry. A free online subscription is available, or a mailed subscription can be had for just 370 - a great value considering the extent of information published. Visit egrmagazine.com to request a free trial of the mailed subscription.

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